Ok in this months post, I’m going to speak a bit about a couple of supplements which have been having a wonderfully positive effect on my immunity this winter. Both of these are relatively new kids on the block when it comes to health supplements and, as those of you who know me will attest, it is therefore somewhat unlikely I would recommend them.

But both have a decent science backed researched behind them, and their efficacy is well documented, not least of which by myself. Thanks to Mark from Phytality for all the help on this.

Marine Phytoplankton

The first of these, marine phytoplankton, is a wonderfully simple crisp faintly sea-tasting green powder which comes in a simply quicklock bag packaged by Plankton for Health.

Jason, from Plankton for Health is the UK distributor of this excellent product and he told me that it’s ‘quite simply one of the most effective things I have ever ingested. It is not magic, but the small cellular size combined with the broad spectrum of micronutrients means this is one substance everyone should put into their body if they can.”

And this is really a mirror to my own experience which has been, well profound. I feel brighter, happier, skin is clear, and I’ve not been sick yet, touch wood!

Anyway, I will be giving some of this away in the monthly raffle when we meet shortly, but until then please do investigte this and form your own opinion.

Nano Minerals

The second thing I want to speak of today is nano iron, which is an iron supplement that has the power of nano technology in it, meaning the iron is very very small. It’s so small that you can’t taste it, you can’t smell it, and your stomach gets none of the nasty digestive issues which have plagued me with iron supplements for nigh on 40 years.

Now this stuff isn’t cheap, which is the biggest problem with it. Otherwise I could see this sweeping the market and genuinely taking over the iron supplementation industry, it’s that good. Within 24 hours I felt massively enhanced and fortified and two people commented on it within that same time frame.

Anyway, I wish you all well during this cold, dark time of year. May you keep cosy and safe this winter, and emerge in spring revitalised and hopefully we can all put COVID behind us.

With love as ever,